Interested in purchasing Fantom (FTM) in Germany? We’ve handpicked the best exchanges, including Bybit, where you can invest in Fantom securely and benefit from low trading fees.

Investing in Fantom and other cryptocurrencies has never been easier.

Simply sign up on the listed crypto exchanges, complete the identity verification process, and make payments using bank transfers, debit cards, or credit cards, all while ensuring security through crypto wallets.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to buy Fantom in Germany.

Where to buy Fantom in Germany

When choosing a crypto exchange to buy Fantom in Germany, prioritize platforms with low transaction fees to enhance investment returns, ensure the implementation of robust security protocols to safeguard your assets, and opt for user-friendly platforms with reliable customer support and positive user feedback.

Here are the best crypto exchanges where you can purchase Fantom (FTM) in Germany:





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How to Buy Fantom (FTM) in Germany in 5 Simple Steps

1. Create an account on a crypto exchange

Bybit Sign Up

When buying Fantom in Germany, the first step is selecting a reputable Fantom exchange that operates within the legal framework of the country.

Some popular platforms that allow you to buy and sell Fantom in Germany include Binance, Bybit, Kucoin,, and MEXC.

In this tutorial, we will be using Bybit to purchase Fantom (FTM).

2. Secure your account

Ensure stronger protection of your account by setting Google 2FA code, anti-phishing code, and trading password.

3. Verify your account (KYC)

After signing up for the exchange you will need to verify your identity and address, which is part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

4. Add a payment method

Add a credit/debit card or bank account after verifying your Bybit account.

5. Buy Fantom (FTM)

Use a variety of payment options to buy Fantom (FTM) on Bybit.

After creating an account on your preferred exchange, follow these steps below to purchase Fantom:

Step 1: Make a deposit or buy Fantom (FTM) with a Credit or Debit Card

deposit on bybit

There are several methods and payment services available for funding a cryptocurrency exchange account. Choose the option that best suits your needs:

Crypto Deposit: If you opt to fund your account through a crypto deposit, you will transfer digital assets from a crypto wallet to your exchange account. Ensure you use the correct address for each supported cryptocurrency on the exchange, as using the wrong address or sending unsupported crypto may lead to a loss of funds.

Bank Deposit (Wire Transfer): Alternatively, you can fund your account through a bank deposit (commonly known as a wire transfer) using supported fiat currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP. Before initiating a bank deposit, it's essential to verify whether the exchange supports your preferred local currency.

Credit Card or Debit Card Purchase: Purchasing Fantom via credit card or debit card is not only the easiest but also arguably the most popular option.

Step 2: Go to the trading page and find the relevant crypto trading pair

spot trade on bybit

After funding your account, navigate to the trading page to select the appropriate crypto trading pair. Whether you're looking to trade crypto-to-crypto or crypto-to-fiat, choosing the right pair is crucial for a successful transaction.

Note: In this tutorial, the trading pair used is BTC/USDT, but in this particular case, make sure you choose the correct one (FTM/USDT), FTM/USD), etc.).

Depending on the exchange you’re using, there should be multiple trading pairs available (a trading pair refers to two different assets that can be traded against each other; e.g., FTM/USDT).

As a rule of thumb, most crypto exchanges support both crypto-to-crypto (e.g., FTM/USDT and crypto-to-fiat (e.g., FTM/USD) trading pairs.

Choose the right trading pair – crypto or fiat – depending on the deposit method you’ve chosen.

Step 3: Make a buy order for FTM

Decide whether to choose Market or Limit order when buying Fantom.

Here’s a brief overview of each:

“Limit” order option: set the price at which you want to buy FTM.

“Market” order option: fills out your order at the best price automatically.

If you want to buy FTM when it reaches a certain price, use the Limit order.

Enter the price you desire and the amount of FTM you want to purchase, then click the “Buy” button.

limit order on bybit

If you want to buy FTM at the latest price, click on the Market tab, then enter the amount of FTM you want to buy. The order should be done almost instantly and the coins will be added to your balance soon.

market order on bybit

You are now a proud investor of Fantom (FTM)!

Step 4: Store your FTM

The best way to store FTM varies based on your needs and preferences.

While keeping it in your exchange account offers convenience for trading, using non-custodial Fantom wallets gives you full control over your private keys and, consequently, your assets.

Store FTM in your Bybit Account

Holding your crypto in your Bybit account provides quick access to trading products, such as spot and futures trading, staking, lending, and more. Bybit serves as the custodian of your crypto assets to help you avoid the hassle of securing your private keys on your own.

Make sure to set up a strong password and upgrade your security settings to prevent malicious actors from accessing your funds.

How to safely store your FTM

ledger hardware wallet

The crypto community widely acknowledges the rule, "Not your keys, not your coins."

If prioritizing security, consider transferring your FTM to a non-custodial wallet. Opting for a non-custodial or self-custodial wallet ensures you have full control over your private keys. This can include various types of wallets like hardware wallets, Web3 wallets, or paper wallets.

Keep in mind that this option may be less convenient if you frequently trade FTM or want to actively use your assets. Ensure the safekeeping of your private keys, as losing them could lead to the permanent loss of your FTM.

How to withdraw FTM

Exchanges offer straightforward methods for cashing out your FTM, allowing you to transfer your assets back into fiat currency or into another digital asset.

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The Euro (EUR) serves as Germany's official currency, allowing you to engage in Fantom (FTM) and various cryptocurrency trading and investments on Bybit. Whether you find yourself in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, or any other German city, Bybit is readily available to serve your cryptocurrency needs.

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Buying Fantom FAQs

Where to buy Fantom in Germany?

Nowadays, acquiring and securely storing Fantom (FTM) is a straightforward process with a CEX such as Bybit. You can use your debit/credit card, conduct a bank transfer, or engage in peer-to-peer trading for Fantom investing. This can be conveniently done on your computer, tablet, iOS, or Android devices.

How to purchase Fantom with a Credit or Debit Card in Germany?

To buy Fantom (FTM) with a credit or debit card in Germany, you need to choose a card and an exchange that specifically facilitates Fantom online purchases and credit card transactions such as Bybit.

How to buy Fantom with PayPal in Germany?

If you want to buy Fantom using PayPal, you can check if Fantom is available on your PayPal Crypto Hub or Finances section.

How to buy Fantom without KYC in Germany?

You can buy Fantom (FTM) without ID verification on a No-KYC crypto exchange such as MEXC.

Best exchanges to buy Fantom in Germany?

The best Fantom exchanges in Germany are Binance, Bybit, Kucoin,, and MEXC.

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